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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 1, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 jackpot.start watching at 5am 33 nat of hand in camera camera a driverrhiding from our cameras.. gets a big break. - legally....after gettingg18 - points on his license. 33 cuontry snnger randy travis.. in trouble with the lawwthe crime heejuss pleaded guilty to..-& 3 "o'er theelanddof the free... 3 and... bbyonce... ells it oot. why she saad she didn't sing at the inaugurationnlive.. even after proving that he's ggo the pipes to pull it off. 3 & 3 3
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3 fridaa, february 1st, 2013 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 the superbowl is ust over 48 hours away.and when the ravens take on the 49ers... their coaches will make n-f-l hissory. history.superbowl 47 is the &pfirst time two sibling coaches titte contest... and just hours from
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noww. te brrthees willlhood a oint press conference. conferrnce.john and jim harbauuh will address thh media at 8830 this morning. -3 it'ssthe first joint head coacc superbowllpress already admitttd his olderr brothhr as aabit of an edge in theebig gamm.but ourrravens head coach sayyshe's used to &psparring with his brother too -3get what he wants. &3 "i hhvv less than half tte experience that he does, less than half the playoff -3 ps.""you jjst grow up fighting the extrr ot dogg you fight & por girls, you fight for everytting so we both got our giils but we both need our victory err this week." week."the "haw-bowl" kick off - is set for 6:30 sundaa night.&p no mmtter the weather ravens fans will baae cold
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their purple ppide. off "loch raven boulevard" &proadside retailers tried hard to locc down ravens t-shirts, -3pennants, ann hats were plapping back and orth. even "lee white" a fan from new orleans came to baltimore to cash innon theesuper bowl hype. p "everyday abbut 50 people honk the orn and yell raaens out he winddw."> window."> 3 leeeis a saints fan... but ssys he's rooting for the ravens this week. 3 first is the game, hee maybe te commercials... but clooe behind on the best part of suuer bool sunday is...... the food! and if yyu think you're excited about partying grocery storrs selling all those yummy favorites! 3 joel d. smith s iveeat - redner's to see which items areeon sale, aaddwhat ffods mmght run out first if you waat until sunday to dd your &pshopping. good morning joel d. d. & 3-
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,3 if you'ree wndering who will will he suppr're not alone. the maryland zoo will make their prediccions... or this -3 year's winnee.later this morning... they'll beegiven banners for the ravens and the 49er's. whichever banner the chimps tear down first... will -3& bb the team they've predicted to win. he chimps will also foootalls in ravees colors to - ppay with all day. 33 ii montanaa.. a grizzly bear casts its vote ffo this year's 33 4-huudred-pound animal was given wo bbnana pies... one - marked thh 44ers... aad one bott a sniiffand a llck... he - chooses theeáravvns.á p3 we have you overed on our website... all the way to &psuper bowl sunday.just heed to -3 fox baltimore dottcom ann click on he "ray's last ride" banner at the top of he'll seeeinterviews
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with he playyrs... stories on the ravenn suuer bowl ruu.. &pand links to other super bowl related sites. you can also - click onn"hhrbauuh versss &pharbbugh"... to find a page dedicaaed to super bbwl -3 haa all the information 3 past super bowls.get started byygoiig to fox balttmore ddt com. 3 hootage negooiations are enttring their thiid day in allbaaa... as a 65-year-old man olds a little boy captive shelter.authhrities havee't identified he suupect... but pulled a 5-year-old boy off a - sshool bus nntuusday after shooting the driver. negotiattrs have been talling to the man through a -iichh & wide veettlation pipp in the &pundergrouuddmembbrs of the & community hhve been holding vigils and church services, &phoping foo a positivv outcomee
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p3 i ope they get you and i hope you livv the rest of your ife in rrsoo and yoo never see the dy of light again. aaaii.the police chiif sayss the uspect has stronn anti- 3 b-i investigators have reason to belleee his alleged waa a hate crimm. 3 today nasa and the --3nation mark a sad anniversary. 3 it has een ten peaar siice the spaceeshuttle "colummia""rrpped aaarr n the skies over texas. the spacecraat was heeded for 3 center" after 16-days in crew members were kklled. the disaster was blamed on a piece of oam that came off of a rockettttnk uring country singerrrandd travis pleads uilty tt driving while intoxicatedd -3 3 traais appeared in a ttxas court room on thursday. last august his arress made headlines after police ssy travvsswas naked & when he veered hii car ff the rood. travis ow faces 2-years of probation..... a 2-thousandddollar fine...
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days in an alcohol treaament 3 a faailiar name could be addee - to theesenate race in new jeeseyyfox news hhst, geraldo riieea says he's seriously 14.on his radio programm - thursday, rivera says he's been in touch wwth people in & the republicannparty in nnw jersey..eeark mayor cory pboker already announccd his &pplans to ruu or the seat.thaa could set uu a potential match---& up on the demooratic side with tth incumbent, lonntime senator frann lautenbbeg. coming up on the eerly edition... you could bb a big winner... in just a few minutes. minntes.we''e giving aaay another 300 dollars in ourr freebruarr iveaway innabout p 3 3 ((break 1))
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3 p(ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3& ((traffic reporter
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3 ad libs))map grren map liierty 3 map 40 mapo &p3 -3&p
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3 3& see the hootest ew cars.. before they hit the road. the motor trend internntional auto & phow is coming to the & baltimore convvntion ceener february 7th--0th.3 410-481-4545 win ffmily 4 po foxballtmorr dot ccm for 33&& till to come... 3& giving premature babies a ealthy start at life. - why ne hospital is choosing - milk.....and
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the reason tthe say it's ealthier than formula. you ould be a part of the 2213 ssperrboww. 3 advertisers are usiig to get you more nvolved before...during and after the ((brrak 2))
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3 3 new mothers at a spriigfield,
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pissouri hossital now have the option of giving their premattre abies ádonorá breast milk.linda russell has the story. story. p3 casoo s justtover a week old, -3 and being premature, hh'' only - in the neonatall ntensive caree unit.up until oww we hhve had 3 pirst here to receivv donor breast''e doing the &pbest forrthhs baby.sooetimes, for varioos reesons, a mother milk. but now a milk ankkin kansas ccty ii making it an option bbbies like cason.itt &pcomes from the milk bank & frozenninnsserile containers, and e thaa it ggntly.dr. hiimo says decades ago, reast milk banks ere common, but timess hanged.because of with the rise of hiv and other & pnfections we know can be transmitted and also because oofthe community 'ick' factor, -3 where they usttdiin't want tt think bout it, the breast
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milk anks were closed down..- over the lass several years, has made a come back, especially onn he coasts.there -3 are sttll many areas of the pountry that donnt have breaat & milk banks, so weere llcky that kansas city has decided one available forrus.dr. hilmo especially for preemies, who are ore susceptible to a very & you start on ffrmula, your commpetely iiferent bacteria & and organisms.when their wn mother's mmlk isn't an option, babiee annstill get he best. -3 phe sciencc is theee, showing & that breast milk feedings, starttng as early as possible and continued as ong as possible, help more than juut & about anything else we can do. 3 thh donattd milk is avaiilble 3full-term babies. 3 straighh ahead... 3 in just a ffw minutes we will be seeecting
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-3 the one ucky vieeer who as a - 33 ((break 3))
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3 when you think super bowl.... biggscreen tv's should come to mind but his year the small screees are juss as important. aadition to spending millions on ttvvads, advertisers hhve plenty of ways foo supeerbowl 3 during and after the game. -3 3 3super bowl advertisers have gone frrm the small scrren... &pto the smaller screen. sweetteartt i'd love to but - the guys -- they'reeootside wwiting. (i've ot doritos.) pwo perennial super bowl -3 advertisers left the verdict oo theerr20-13 sppts to the public. doritos urned to a -3 social caapaign pitting user- generateddspots against each other for a shot at appeaaing during the ggme. the winner of
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this coke chase betteee bands of cowboys, badlanders and phoogirls is also left to the fans, vottng online or usinn team. real-time updates will take place across all of coke's social media platforms ann votes will be tallied phrough the end of the gamm. & what'' upp? 'sup?)toyota'ss &&psuper bowl caapaign assed twitttr anddinstagram users to & "wish granted," for a chance -3 to winn spottin the -3 automaker's game day ad.tte just part of an ongoinn hashttg campaign that asked fans in san francisco and & balttmore to make sociallnoise for a hance to win free snacks. taking aadifferent approach, targee, not 3 adveetiser with the almost four-million dollar price ttg for a thirty second spot. the & petailer's gone for aamooile & app, called snack bowl which fans can play duuing timeoutt. &pi'm kaain caifa and you're &now, 3clicked in.
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3 coming up... assive flooding in the sttae has claimee the liie of a wommn-33 woman he sseps officials are taking to rrlieve the ppessure of thh 3 3 3 bth - 2013: an odd yearyeer januaay is now over ann i wooner::can 2013 get any straager?allgore made millions - preaching manmade global warmingg he's anti-big oil. he wouldn't take oil company adsson his cable ccannel. then &the largest rivate ownees of & oil worldwiie. sheikh hamad bin khalifa also oonssal jazeerr tv.mount carrel,, pennsyllaaia school fficials expelled a -year ooddfrom kiidergartee aftee an official ooerheard the girl tell aaother stuuent she woold shoot hhe wwth her pink helloo kitty toy that shoots soapp place hee on tteir no-fly list. ppeaking off hich, there was a time hen organizations -3 offering travel tips would warn oo which foods to avoid and what sites tt see. now, avvid being robbeedby tsa &pscreeners.when a grown maa writes dozens offletters to someone he doess't know it's & ccnsiiered strange, wwird, ood. when he wriies 1,460 letters to barack obama - one for every single day f hii entire first term - it's 3 phey call him: reporter. tom pen-pal. cnn apparently didn't fiin thereetoobe ponflict oo intereet in haviig foreman covee the 2012 election.for more on these ptories visittbehiid the headlines dot net and foolow us n twitter and acebook.
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3 i'mmmarr hyman
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